building a new home

thinking of selling my home and using equity to buy 3 acre or larger lot ..any body got a estimate on the cost of 2000 sq ft house where im the builder getting subs and material


Eight Pointer
There is alot of variations in that ,,really can go from one extreme to another, so are you going simple and low budget, or high end extravagant, I always tell people who build make it the way you want it the first time. The average I've seen from a builder is around 120 a square foot. You can save $ if u sub it out but you got to know people and it's a different style loan at the bank,,and permitting and inspections can be a headache. Good luck and keep us updated


Old Mossy Horns
I can't talk to you about costs but from experience I can tell you one thing. If you're planning to DIY as much as possible you'd better become real good friends with your local building inspectors, they can make or break a project.

I buy mine lunch every time I see him at the local diner...


Ten Pointer
Personally, I would suggest getting an estimate from a builder then using that as your budget number to beat. Too many variables to consider that would effect price. Word of warning, the labor market is extremely tight currently. Your ability to get quality subs for a one and done project usually will cost you more in money and headaches than a builder is charged. This further erodes your savings.


Old Mossy Horns
Others have given good advice. And I’m sure there are more on this forum that will give you their valuable input as well. IMHO, unless you have a relationship with all of your subcontractors, I’d pay a GC. Reason being, you’re not consistently feeding those subcontractors work. Therefore, when the time comes for your work to be done, you’ll likely be second fiddle to the GC’s that keep the subs busy. If you don’t mind your project taking 25-33% longer to complete, sure, sub it out yourself.
my brother inlaw is a builder who is too busy for a cheapy but says I could use his subs so it would kind of be a
relation with subs


Ten Pointer
Consider designing your own but letting someone prefab it......but NOT Oakwood homes. We/the kids were very disappointed when they bought theirs from Oak.
Suits Homes have a good reputation and are here in the Piedmont...but looks like you are near OBX.
my son in law and daughter bought a clayton or oakwood 3 years ago ive had to fix a few things on it and after seeing the way the electric boxes are not attached to studs and the wires are just pulled into a v type slot that bites wire rather than beeing striped and attached like a normal outlet or switch i would not recommend a double wide to anybody they seem like a electrical fire waiting to happen from a loose connection...and it was a brand new home...ill go stick built for sure


Old Mossy Horns
95 to 110 a square foot is what my buddy told me that builds houses and that was last year.
Got mine built for 70 a square foot in 2003.
If you want more than the basics you are looking at 120plus a square foot


Button Buck
I'm a GC, though I mainly do remodeling as opposed to new construction. Assuming your B.I.L.'s subs will give you the same pricing they would give him, you should be able to do a pretty nice house for somewhere in the $100-$120/ft. range. As mentioned, there are a lot of variables, and there is a cost floor, but not really a ceiling.