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So behind my fence is alot of underbrush, honey suckle, briars and what not. I have tried alot of things over the past couple of years just short of burning or using gas to kill it off. Can anyone reccomend something that will kill it off for me with out me having to burn or use gas?

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Garlon 3a. Edit, now that I think about it, they may sell this under another name now, but a quick google search would probably clear that up and let you know what it’s called now.


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Depending on size, goats. My pond dam was 10' in that and cow itch years ago. They would walk through fescue to get to that stuff. In a couple of years they had KILLED everything on the pond dam and I had to fence it off as they had it down to dirt and I planted grass on it.


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Triclopyr 3a. 2% solution with water. This is same active ingredient as remedy, element 3a, garlon 3a and others. Pretty sure crossbow is triclopyr and 2-4 d mixture. To play it safe with surrounding vegetation I woudl avoid application on a hot and humid day.
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We've been using Crossbow concentrate (2 oz per gallon H2O) to control kudzu with good results. Works good on the honeysuckle, blackberry briers and other broadleaf vegetation, too.

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Several ways to mix rock salt and water (2:1 ratio) that kills the roots...some add vinegar and even a little soap...try a quick google