Brown's Nick Chubb

Hunting Nut

Old Mossy Horns
He suffered an awful looking knee injury in tonight's game.
Kinda gruesome. From the looks season ending. Maybe career ?
I hope not. Great running back.


Big Ole Nanny Doe
Hyperextension, torn ligaments, broken kneecap— not sure what happened but you can see it in the replay looks like his knee is going in the wrong direction as normal.


Old Mossy Horns
Sux for him. Par for the course with the browns, if it can go wrong it will.. most of the time of their own making, sometimes just dumb luck. Next best thing to playing and winning is playing and losing.


Big Ole Nanny Doe
a diagnosis is dislocated knee, three torn ligaments (posterior cruciate ligament, medial collateral and lateral collateral) and cartilage damage.


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Ten Pointer
He was wrapped up high. Other Steeler came in low right in his left knee.
Same knee as in college. Sucks.