Broadheads hitting way right


Old Mossy Horns
Move your rest to center shot.
get more fletching like helical or length
Make sure your arrow spine is right.
make sure your not torquing the bow.
hopefully you don’t have one of those rigs you need to shim cams over or do the flip flop top hat crap.
get a mechanical.
make sure your broadheads are spinning true on the shaft.


Old Mossy Horns
Ooo yea. No one likes to hear this. Make sure your draw length is correct and you can handle the bow poundage. Throw your kisser in the trash and get your face off the string. ☺️😎


Button Buck
Assuming you are not torqueing your bow grip, rubbing your face, or inputting other problems, most probable is your bow is not in tune. Regardless, the broadheads are amplifying the underlying issue(s). I use the bare-shaft method of tuning. Until fletched arrows hit the same as bare shafts, the bow is not where is should be. For right/left, usually moving rest or leaning the cams (moving your string right/left) are the solutions, depending on your brand of bow. Watch some YouTube videos of bare-shaft tuning; I'm probably not the most qualified guy in this room.