British Enfield rifles


Ten Pointer
Looks like you had some extraction issues with that one.

I need to stop dragging my feet and try to source both handguards for my 1913 built Ishy.


Four Pointer
Mack. I have a 1968 model 7.62 purchased from Roses 39.95 around 1985. We would get the Sunday paper with the sales flyers and mama would ask if I saw anything I wanted. She would buy me these cheap rifles and 99 cents .22 bullets. l miss her and those days.


Man I remember those Rose's surplus rifles too. Matter of fact still have the receipts of those 39.99 Enfield's, Mosin's and such I got there. I bought several there in the 80's and still shoot them usually about once a year. I doubt those deals will come back again.