Brief Visit to the Game Lands


Ten Pointer
I paid a brief visit to the game lands recently to do a little scouting and foraging. Found plenty of common mullein, which is in the fourth picture below. You can use its leaves to make tea, according to my wild edible plants guidebook. I also stumbled across a wild blackberry patch and picked some of the ripe berries to make blackberry muffins with. I didn't stay long because it was super hot, but definitely worth the visit.


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Old Mossy Horns
That place is a mecca for them. I was down there Sunday for a meeting. Went by a pond watching some kids fishing and remarked to one of the kids dad I couldn't remember being at this pond in the summer that I didn't see a cottonmouth. I hadn't gotten the words out of my mouth good when one of the kids squalled. We ran over there and one was balled up off the trail where they walk around the pond. I Judged him. LOL