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Braised venison shanks


Twelve Pointer
Yum. Cooking muscle and bone in the round will teach more about process cooking than a lot of other ingredients.

I’ve had a great time fumbling my way through it the last few years.


Six Pointer
Check out Steven renilla “meat eater” shanks recipe. Very good. His cook book is loaded with good recipes and highly recommend picking it up. Amazon throws it on sale for dirt cheap every few months


Ten Pointer
We have really expanded our cooking techniques the last few years. Used to cut out backstraps and cut up hams for frying and such and pretty much everything else went to the "grind" pile. I will say the neck roast is now our favorite cut for any type of "slow cook stew". Ribs have come a long way in the last couple of years as well. We plan on working on the shanks more this year. Thanks for sharing ideas. Probably my favorite forum to read on this site.