Bow accident ?


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I saw in the Winston-Salem Saturday news paper that a woman got shot it the chest Friday afternoon while climbing down from a tree stand. The paper read that her and her husband were climbing down from the stand and he was handing her a bow when it discharged . The sheriff said it was a accidental shooting . This has to be the stupidest accident that I have ever read about in the news paper. This occurred in Lewisville in Forsyth co . Does anybody have any details on this {accident}.


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She's lucky for sure. Might be to soon but if she's in the tree stand with him handling the crossbow hurt or not she needs a ticket. Also wrong information published because im sure you can bow hunt through the first. Lastly 35.00 boy thats rich. I mean come on thats not enough to stop poaching let's get down in those pockets and get some real money. Taking his license sure won't help.

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That's the most thorough write up of a hunting accident that I recall reading. Answers a ton of questions while giving the good news that she will recover.
It also points out as politely as possible how much stupid stuff happened to cause said event.
Thanks for posting @Lastfling.
The poaching should be no surprise- meat is a welcome commodity regardless of date these days.


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That is one lucky girl. A crossbow bolt with a broad head at close range is a nightmare scenario. Also, what kind of dummy doesn’t unload the weapon before trying to hand it to someone else. Heck, leave the thing cocked if you want to, but pull the bolt out at least.


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I know it might be adding insult to injury, and I probably sound like an a-hole, but why is the girlfriend not being charged for hunting violations? Was she not hunting too?
Also, it's still early in the game, and she could be charged yet. NC has no statute of limitations, but they usually want to talk to the perp, and serve the summons in person. With this pandemic, all visiting is banned at hosptals and rehab facilities (even her home). This virus can be a death sentence for a patient with a broadhead in a lung. If this were my daughter and the cops came knocking, I would politely take his business card, and then close the door.