Bond Arms Derringer

Buffet Trout

Ten Pointer
Does anyone have any experience with one that they’d care to share? I’m considering buying one…mostly for novelty, but would plink with it, too.


Six Pointer
I have a few. I love them for plinking and just general nonsense. They get tossed into the console for road trips and the tackle box for river trips. They have their place. I have alot of nostalgia tied to a derringer thats why I have them.


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Old Mossy Horns
My Dad has a few. I know one is the 4.25” Snake Slayer in .45LC/.410, one is a Mini( 2.5” .45LC)the other is a small .38/.357. He’s pretty pleased with them. He carries the Mini every day

Combat Diver

Eight Pointer
I've fired one before .45 Colt and its oversized and heavy for what you get. I have a ADC M7 lightweight derringer in .380 ACP about the same size but weighs only 7 oz. I believe a J frame Centennial Airweight (442/642) would be more useful and quicker into operation.