Boat US or Seatow? Whats better?


Old Mossy Horns
For inland fishing what is the best service to have?
Have you used them, pros and cons?
The thing I like and want is for the trailer coverage.
Wanting some type of coverage that will deal with trailers.
If you have a problem with a bearing or some damage it can be a problem getting help to tow the trailer with the boat on it.


Four Pointer
I had a 23ft cc boat at Morehead city for several years and belonged to Sea Tow and they were fine personally I don't think there is a glaring difference between the two I am pretty sure their coverage covers trailers you can look them up on the internet,I had my boat in a slip


Old Mossy Horns
Yep looking for info mainly due to trailering so much.
Wondering how they deal with it as it us a little different than a tow on the water and both are said to have boats on the water in my area I fish for the most part.


Old Mossy Horns
Preventive maintenance... I tow thousands of miles every year and haven't had any issues that I didn't bring on myself from lack of preventive maintenance....
Yep understand.
I tow about the same. Im talking outside the norm.
So you never had a need or used seatow or Tow boat Us?
Little higher risk at some of the boat ramps. Been several hit and runs or even taking the tires off at some of the boat ramps over the last 35 years.

Only difference now is the number of miles away and travel times.