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Blue Ring Octopus


Eight Pointer
I shot this picture of a Blue Ring Octopus in Lembeh, Sulawesi, Indonesia. Blue Rings are deadly poisonous and can kill a man quickly. Their mantle (head is only about the size of a golf ball) but their venom is high octane. The blue rings are normally muted, but if they're angry, frightened, or excited, the blue becomes intense as any shade of blue out there. This one was muted (how they normally are).
Blue Ring Octopus, Lembeh, Indonesia.jpg

This one I shot in Raja Ampat, Papua, New Guinea. He was fired up because the divemaster swept water just in front of the octopus with his hand to get him to light up. The blurry spot is backscatter, where some suspended sediment get between the lens and the subject (oops).

Blue Ring Octopus,  Raja Ampat.jpg