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Looking for some BP 2F, any body know where some is? I can find substitutes, prefer BP. Within an hour or so Rocky Mount.

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If you are in the Benson area, Paradise Pawn Shop was carrying GOEX or Graf's private label of GOEX until the GOEX company was sold to Energetics Technologies. "E. T." hopes to have GOEX on the shelves by early 2023.

Most of us pool an order together here in the Fayetteville area to save on the price of black powder. We have been ordering a 25 lb case of mixed brands, Schuetzen (German-made, close to GOEX in quality) & Swiss in 2FG, 3FG, & 4FG. Last December, Schuetzen was about $ 22/lb and Swiss was about $28/lb. These prices included shipping and hazmat charges from Clarksville, AR to the house.

You can also buy 5 lb and 10 lb cases, but the more you order, the cheaper the price per pound. I think a 10 pound case of Schuetzen was about $270.00, $27/lb, including shipping & H/M.

Our source is Powder, Incorporated in Clarksville, AR, (479) 705-0005. Nice website. Look at "Mix & Match" for current prices by the case. Even if items are shown out of stock, I still call Jerry or Namoi to get a handle on the current situation, and place a backorder. We got in line for our last backordered shipment in December. I believe they shipped it about 20 days after the order.

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