Black Friday Hunting Deals


Ten Pointer
I like this site:

ALPS OutdoorZ also has a 35% off everything on their site. I love their packs and have three of them.



Twelve Pointer

I bought one of these for the new Howa .308. A little dim above 12X, but plenty clear and bright from 4-12.

I know we have some vortex haters on here, but i thought it was a good buy at $150. We'll see how I like it when I go shooting.


Ten Pointer
Just got the flyer from Academy ,they have some good deals in the day after thanksgiving ( Friday ) section on sights.


Old Mossy Horns
Havent used one but the Spypoint cell link is on sale for $39.
There $39 at Dicks Sporting Goods too, but........F Dicks 😄



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ok now,,, no fist fights, no knees to the groin,, no slamming into each other,,, the black friday sales will still be there for you folks,,, keep it civil,,,

GO HUNTING,,, leave the shopping to the women folks,,,
Me: hey woodmoose, did your wife find ya any good deals on hunting gear for Black Friday ?

Woodmoose: OpSec, young grasshopper. OPSECCCCCCC


Twelve Pointer
Sig bravo sights are $115 off at euro optics. Best price I have seen on them. Decided to try one out an my 300 blackout