Black Eagle Arrows


Button Buck
I recently just bought another compound bow and they came with Black Eagle Arrows...Outlaws to be specific. Never heard of them before but now I am seeing people using them more often. What do you guys think of them?


Eight Pointer
I’ve shot BE Carnivores, Zombie Slayers and Spartans.
I have no complaints, been very happy with them.


Ten Pointer
I shoot Zombie slayers almost exclusively. Great arrows, great value and they are a smaller company based in Georgia ( but not made i America as I stated before, I was wrong on that) Color schemes are nice too if you are into that type of thing. I get mine from all seasons outdoor shop in locust. I also go with .001 vs .003 since they are only a few bucks more per half dozen.

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Twelve Pointer
They might be the most under rated arrow company out there because of how new/ small market share they are. Their tolerances are much more stringent than advertised especially compared to the big names. For example when they say .005 straightness that’s on a full length arrow and it’s the maximum allowed, not average. Most of the arrows will be well under that and after you cut them down will be much straighter than .005
I’ve listened to the owner on multiple podcasts and his products are the real deal.


Im shooting the Outlaws with my bow. Drop tine archery in Advance suggested them as a good low-priced arrow that would be good for hunting. I don't have any complaints with mine.


Button Buck
I shot the zombie slayers last year and am shooting the rampages this year out of a different bow. I’ve been happy with both.