Black coyote?

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The first yote I ever saw in the wild was a black one. It was on game land near the NCSU beef barn while turkey hunting. At first I really thought it was somebody's dog but it got close enough for me to tell the difference. My buddy had blown an owl call when we stopped on the way in before light and we heard a gobble further down the path we were on. When we came around a bend it appeared that the yote had heard the gobble from the opposite direction and it was coming right towards us. It turned off into the woods about where we had figured the gobbler was. Unfortunately that was the first of too many sightings on that place. A couple of seasons later I got one close enough to make it a good coyote.



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Saw one a couple years. I guess it was a 6th sense in me that made me turn around while walking back checking cameras and a black coyote was crossing behind at 50 yards and gave me a stop and glance.

I did a double take because I never saw one that color, jet black.


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Got 3 black ones in a pack of 13 we saw a few times during archery... hopefully I'll get a crack at them bc they would make a beautiful mount


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Killed one in Rowan a few years back... had a trappers fur skin and tan

Hunt it along with a red fox pelt from same tree.. same year


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Found a young black one, dead, once. I've seen them in Hyde Co before.

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Back when I used to run fox hounds,there was pen that had several black yotes in it. I have not seen 1 in the wild so that pic is pretty cool.


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I’m 99% sure this is one. None of the neighbors own or have seen a black dog around. This will be the first spot I coyote hunt just as soon as I’m done with deer season!