binocular recommendation


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Put another $160 with that $130 and order a set of Steiner Predators from B&H Photo.
Thats all I got on this subject..........they are great and cheap enough to carry.
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I bought a pair of Nikon Aculons 12x42? in October. I don't remember the model number but most places on line had them for about 100.00. I found some online at Walmart for 77.00! But they were out of stock. (I think because they have discontinued that particular model) I called a few local stores to see if they had any in stock and if they price matched. Dicks was the only one that had them in stock for 99.00..but they price matched Walmarts online price of 77.00! I drove over right then and bought them. They are EXTREMELY clear compared to my compact ones. If you research them you'll see they're a very good pair for the money. Good luck


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I have a Leupold BX-1 Rogue 10x50 I picked up for around $120. I have a Diamondback 3.5-10x50 on my 270 and set to 10x the binoculars are brighter at low light. I’ve been very happy with the clarity