Bino straps


Ten Pointer
I have a standard neck strap on my binoculars. I would like some advice on what you guys use for bino straps..... good and bad.


Ten Pointer
i went cheap, wore them for 6 hard days stalking and hunting, have worn them in the deer stand and can't see not wearing something to carry them again
Butler Creek Bino Caddy Strap


Eight Pointer
I switched from a strap to a harness last year.
I picked up an Alaska Guide Creations harness and haven’t looked back. It’s usually all I carry in the woods along with weapon.
Has a place for rangefinder, headlamp, and wind check. That’s about all I need most of the time.
I really like it when I use my climber because all my stuff is on my chest rather than having to strap a bag/pack somewhere.
It protects your glass very well, and keeps it out of the elements.


Eight Pointer
Know ya'll are going to think this is funny or cheap but here it goes , had a pair of heavy duty suspenders at the house one day a few years ago and looked at them and said i think i can make some bino straps with these and been using them ever since ,comfortable and secure.


Four Pointer
I really like the rick young harness. It looks like it would be uncomfortable because of the thin diameter of the shock cord, but I hardly notice that it's there. Only problem is that when you're walking through brush, the binos are not protected. Otherwise, I really like it and it isn't crazy expensive.


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this one - I looked at a lot and this one I enjoy the best - Marsupial gear - I have the bino chest harness with a side pocket for the range finder - had others before it, don't any longer



Eight Pointer
For sitting in a deer stand I just use regular strap or a Cabelas harness. For moving around like out west I use this one.



Old Mossy Horns
Got a cheap cabelas brand harness and love it. Keeps them out of the way but easy to quickly bring them up.

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Twelve Pointer
Any problems with fogging when they come out in the heat of the moment after being closed up?

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