BH 209


Six Pointer
Anyone using BH 209 this year ? Last year I gave $36 and change for a 10 oz can.Was in wall mart yesterday and they had one can.It had only 8 oz and was $52 bucks.
Hodgdon sure is proud of it this year.

45/70 hunter

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I have close to a full can. When it's gone I'm likely going back to 777 loose powder. Assuming of course I've located a place to hunt to burn it up lol.
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sky hawk

Old Mossy Horns
I haven't been able to find any in 2 years. I keep my eyes open and haven't seen a bottle on the shelf in that time.

That's pretty steep for a half pound of powder though.


Old Mossy Horns
Even at that price it’s only $1.25 per shot, at max load.

I’ll keep shooting it, because it’s far superior to anything this side of smokeless. Worth every penny IMO.


Ten Pointer
That’s what I was looking for last year when I first got my ML, I’ve heard nothing but excellent reviews. But, at that time I couldn’t find it hardly anywhere so I ended up getting 777 pellets. They work fine but once they run out I’m going to try to switch to BH.


Six Pointer
Same here, I have been waiting for Wal Mart to get 209 in stock, went in today and saw the price$54.00 and 2 ounces less than last year and decided Triple 7 kills them just as dead at half the price.


Twelve Pointer
Same here.
Last year when everybody was freaking out and hoarding up metallic rounds I sucked up every bit of BP and BH209 that I could find at insanely low pricing
Yep- Stocked up on a couple cans of BH & a local shop got in a brick of 209 primers. I bought 3 packs.


Twelve Pointer
I bought a few jugs last year.

When it is gone, I will buy more unless something better becomes available that can be shot in a TC Omega.