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BH 209 in a Knight Rifle?


Eight Pointer
Getting the blackpowder rifles cleaned and put away this morning. I have been thinking about changing to BH209, but don't want to go in that direction if I have to buy new breech plugs for the guns. Anyone have experience with BH209 in a Knight using the stock breech plug. Bare 209 primer or with red jackets?

Thanks for any insight!

Winnie 70

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I use it in my BK 92 Knight....one of the older plunger models....and it has been converted to the 209 primers ( not the Bare 209 breech plug) and use the red jackets. The Bare 209 breech plug will not work on a plunger type ignition but Knight has a breech plug made for 209 primers that you would need to ignite the BH 209 powder. BH 209 powder is not recommended for plunger style ignition systems but I contacted an engineer at Knight and he told me that the Knight BK that I have would handle the BH209. Have been using it in 110 grains and will reach out to 200 yds and put the hurt on them. Now if yours is the plunger style before you load up your gun with BH 209 I would advise you to contact Knight and see what they say, because on the BH 209 site it is not recommeded for plunger ignitions. I have been using it for years and not any pressure signs what so ever and 110 grains is pretty hot. What I like about 209 is the added range, easy clean up, and will group better than anything else out there. If you get to try 209 just start out with lowest loads and work your way up, watching for any pressure signs


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Thanks, I already have 209 conversion on the rifles I have. Just been reading about flash holes, ignition chambers and other needs to use BH209. Been shooting Triple 7 with Winchester 777 primers. I know I will have to move to a hotter shotgun primer, but wanted to make sure the breech plug was compatible with BH209.


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My old mk85 with the 209 conversion shots bh 209 as good as any bp rifle i have ever shot. no problems with 70 grains weighed and barnes 250 s. winchester w209 primer.
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