Best Lessons You Have Ever Learned


Six Pointer
I planned for my youngest son to be born last fall. Worked out great for me! Between wife's maternity leave and holiday pay, I did whatever I wanted from October to the end of January. I won't have that luxury this year but that's alright.

I still have the flexibility of using 'I'm not feeling well, will you take the day off/work from home' 😜

The best lesson I learned was make a life that you don't have to work to get away from.


Eight Pointer
If you are getting all nighttime pictures of a good buck, and then all of a sudden you get a daytime picture of him, you better be hunting him the next couple of days. That buck is killable for a very short period of time.


Old Mossy Horns
You don't have to hunt "deep". Just hunt opposite of where most go, with deer sign of course. Don't be afraid to move your sit up during a hunt, if you realize you need to move, usually from observing deer.
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Eight Pointer
I always liked the 3 strike rule. If i hunted a stand 3 times and didnt see a deer moved the stand. If it was a permanent stand around a big field might wait a week or so and give that another try.


Twelve Pointer
Don't try too hard. Shot my biggest doe walking the farm in shorts, t-shirt and flip flops with a crossbow.
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Twelve Pointer
The older I get , I figure the good lord is going to give me so many sunrises and sunsets so I’m going to enjoy and give thanks for all of them.