Best deer ever!!


Six Pointer
Ok yall,,as i posted earlier,,my son was able to take this young man today to our farm hunting. He was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer about 6 weeks ago. He wanted to go hunting. My son went and set up a ground blind 2 weeks ago. We been baiting and getting it ready. Today he felt good enough to go and was able take this big doe. Im so proud of my sons work and selflessness to do this for him.. Life is short and we never know.. This is all heart felt with tears as tonight. He is high spirited and knows he will be cured in his heart. Prayers to the highest for this young man..

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Four Pointer
Congrats. Awesome story. I hope the experience lifted that young mans spirits. Your son is a good person and I bet you are proud of him. They say the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. Great job and hope you have a great New Year.


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Bless you all for helping make this happen for this young man. Deer hunting can be such a spiritual thing at times. I would venture to say this was likely one of those times.

Aaron H

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Great to see hunters helping hunters. It's tough to be facing such challenge in life but having concerned friends helps a lot. My best wishes for all of you.


Old Mossy Horns
Stories like this give you faith in human nature & the basic decency of most people. Lets all hope that this young man wins his battle and enjoys a long and prosperous life.


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My wife is cutting onions again.
This really puts in perspective the last 3-4 days. I’ve been hunting with my daughter and not seeing anything. It was to easy for her last year & this year it’s been frustrating, but this post just sobered me up . Thank you. I’m going share it with her as well.

Winnie 70

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Sometimes life deals you a bad hand and you have to turn to the Man upstairs to give you the courage to face your problem. We take each day for granted and when this day is not like we envisioned, you have to have a strong faith to face it. Hope this young man sees better days ahead and whips this terrible disease. Prayers for him and you have a fine son for doing this for him.
Praying for that young man and thankful that there are still young men out there who see a need and step up to the plate to get it done!! Blessings to both of them