Best Crossbow For A Female?


Button Buck
Hi there!
I’ve been looking at the Barnett Lady Whitetail Hunter, 350 FPS in Muddy Girl Serenity.
Does anyone on here know if they are good?


Ten Pointer
I don't know about that particular crossbow, but I purchased a Barnett Raptor probably 7-8 years ago. I took the scope off that it came with and installed a scope that has 3 red dots. It's been good for me, no issues! I have always heard good things about Excaliber, you might want to check their website also.


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I have the Penetrator with a crank device and it has been a very accurate shooter. Barnett makes good crossbows and their customer service has been great to me.

From what I'm seeing as far as pricing, you can buy the regular version for less (ignore that if you have found a special). The only differences between Lady Whitetail Hunter and Whitetail Hunter is the price and color scheme so read the reviews for the regular one.


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Having owned a Archery shop for 8yrs I would tell you to stay away from Barnett and anything they make. Without a doubt the most unreliable crossbows made are made by Barnett. Broken limbs, broken trigger mechanisms, junk strings and plastic pieces where metal should be used just to name a few issues. I’d look at Mission, Ten Point/Wicked Ridge, Excalibur, Ravin and PSE. Let your budget direct you to one of the models from one of these companies and you will do yourself a solid. Good luck.?


Twelve Pointer
My wife bought a new Barnett Raptor in muddy girl pink/purple for $60 after dicks coupons and clearance pricing. It did not have a scope so she bought a nice scope on mega sale at F&S for about $100. Pretty darn good crossbow for $160. I may take it out a time or two next year. It is much lighter than my full size Barnett Quad400.


Old Mossy Horns
I’d recommend a mission xbow or a ten point/wicked ridge long before a Barnett, plenty of happy customers with the Barnett’s but they have a bad CS rep, and their cheaper lines are known to have issues. What kinda price range are you looking for? That might help with suggestions, I love my mission bow but they may be more than you wanna spend.

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Button Buck
I have an Excalibur grz2. It’s wicked acurarte and easy to cock. Plus it’s a recurve never goes out of tune and you can change the string yourself. Look into Excalibur


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