Benelli dealer


Twelve Pointer
I'd check prices at Mid South Guns in Wagram. Or better yet, just drive there to see many models on display.

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You check CGR in raleigh?
They are good to deal with.

Also most gunshops will not give the best price over the phone.
Plan to hit a few in person for best ods.

Also most shops will remember you if you start spending money there. They tend to help you out more.

I know I did when selling guns.


Twelve Pointer
Benelli price fixes or trys to. If Ed at Eds Gun Shop has or can get one that is where i would go.

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Has anyone seen the M2 American supposed to ship in a cardboard box with one choke minus the comfortec stock around 800
Yea I got one last spring from Dunn’s Sporting Goods in Missouri. I paid $724.99. Great deal, wish they made it in a 20ga, I’d buy another in a hot minute.