Beginners Luck?


Ten Pointer
Have a friend that has asked to go duck hunting. Last night we got a plan together to go to a small farm pond. We grab breakfast and I try to explain to him as fast as I can about not looking up at ducks and this and that. So we get to the spot. Set out a few decoys. Very foggy this morning. I hear a few drake Mallards behind us. I tell him to get ready. 10-12 come over head and I got them to circle one time but no shot. He said wow that was cool. So maybe an hour goes by now note I’m in Union county. I look straight out and see 3 ducks committing. I tell him hold still. Ducks hit the water and to my surprise it’s 3 Red Heads. We end up killing all 3. So what a way to start your duck hunting career, with Ted Heads. Then 2 Mallards took it right on the chin, and maybe I missed a wood duck hen, but at that point it was a great morning. Needless to say he is hooked on the obsession.