Been at it!


Old Mossy Horns
Been off for a couple weeks running multiple days each week, stand hunting in between. Seen a boat load of deer just couldn't make it happen. One nice buck, gave me and my wife the slip. Been trying my best to get her a shot in front of the hounds. The hounds and I are both exhausted, when they will not come out of their kennel, you know they are done. Have had some great running at times even though it has been dry. Been keeping plenty of water in the box, to keep them hydrated.


Six Pointer
Yeah need some rain bad but we have had some great hunting considering how dry it is. Got some young dogs coming along and the old dogs doing what they are supposed to do. It’s been fun.
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Ten Pointer
Great job. Glad everyone is healthy and able to do what u love. When u get older u have to know when it is time to rest up some
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Twelve Pointer
Same here DRS. I have hunted multiple days each week the season has been in. I killed a 15 inch buck second week of November when i was after a much bigger buck. I got fooled at dusk while hunting in the woods. All in all he was a fair buck but boy was i disappointed when i got to him.

Yesterday started the Va season and the club killed 7 deer, 6 bucks/1 doe. 3 bucks were nice and 3 were smaller then our club rule by an inch or so (14 inch inside rule). The dogs and I have a long week ahead of us. Bollweevil and I are hoping for a good buck this week!