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Beaver Steak Diane


Ten Pointer
I went on another swamp trapping adventure recently and snared a beaver. Decided to fix the backstraps using this Hank Shaw recipe for venison backstrap yesterday:

I used onions and some leftover mead instead of shallots and brandy, but otherwise stuck to the recipe. Cooked the backstraps in butter, took them out and tented them, cooked the onion and garlic, deglazed the pan with the mead, then made the sauce in it (onions, garlic, beef broth, tomato paste, Dijon mustard, and Worcestershire sauce; added some heavy cream at the end). The only issue was I had to cook the meat again afterward because it came out very raw in the middle and I overcooked it a bit the second time. I fixed mashed potatoes to go along with it. Cut the backstraps into medallions, threw some sauce over the mashed potatoes, then put the medallions on top. Sprinkled some fresh lettuce and spinach from my tiny indoor garden over it.

Turned out great! The sauce was amazing! Highly recommend!


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Old Mossy Horns
That looks good!

I'll be making this with some venison, hopefully I'll be motivated enough to try it this weekend. Thanks for sharing.


Twelve Pointer
Got to give you credit. That looks like one of those plates you get in a fancy resturant that charges you $40. Only problem with those plates is.......................... you usually get just enough for a good taste and not nearly enough to fill you up. I'll bet you had seconds. (y)
Yeah it looks like she knocked it outta the park. My meals always taste great, but never particularly picture worthy lol . I like to say I can’t be bothered with plate presentation bc I’m only concerned with belly presentation. Nice job Kris. A meal that looks like that would definitely convince someone to get outside their comfort zone food wise


Old Mossy Horns
but I think it actually tastes better than beef.
Your meal looks fantastic!

But dang...I see this ^better than beef^ comment to often. Y’all eating the wrong beefs 😂

I love most any wild critter, and I eat a bunch of em. Ain’t a single one of ‘em better than a reverse seared Prime tomahawk...