Bear roast in mushroom gravy

Going Coastal

Four Pointer
Cooking method was an electric pressure cooker.
Coat bear roast in seasoning salt,
Kosher salt and pepper before browning in vegetable oil.
Add one can of beefy mushroom soup and a half can of water, one can of sliced mushrooms drained.

Set your pressure to high and cook for one hour. Open pressure valve when done and let the roast rest for ten minutes.
Slice and serve.

I made a side of seasoned oven roasted mixed vegetables and a pan of white cornbread.


I saw bear four times while deer hunting, finally the season opened and I harvested the fourth.



Going Coastal

Four Pointer
Thanks fellows, it was delicious.
Family loves it.

Didn't mean to mislead anyone. I can't be sure that was the same bear I shot, but I think it was the one in the picture.

The three bears I videotaped on my phone was before the bear season opened, while deer hunting. Everyone of them were eating hickory nuts as moved thur, I could here them crunching well in advance.

Between the coyotes and bears they have hurt the deer population on my lease. I only saw 15 deer the whole season, which was not normal.