Twelve Pointer
Hi, I would like to take my granddaughter and me to do a bear hunt in the south eastern parts of NC, I live in Candor at the Montgomery/Richmond county line. I am retired raising 3 grands don't want a big guide high $$ outfit. Looking for someone that would be willing to share a bear lease or whatever other thoughts, Thanks, Jerry


Frozen H20 Guy
I know several people on the New Bern Peninsula whom have offered me to hunt "their plot" but you're talking 7-8 acre lots. They brag about seeing bear "all the time" but I translate that into probably 3-4 per months. I'd be weary of those folks. If you could lock up an entire "neighborhood" you might get lucky, but that would take a lot of personal time and personal expenditure on your part.

I might still consider a lower cost guide who does all of that work for you, and you just go hunt?

My opinion anyways.


Eight Pointer
I hear nothing but good about conman and bear hunting,,hes a member of the sight I believe. I dont know the rates but I'd check him out


Eight Pointer
I’ve not had the opportunity to book one myself, but by the time you get a lease with time and energy involved, a hunt from Conman would likely be cheaper and easier. I don’t think anyone here has ever heard of a bad experience with his outfit.