Batchelor group sparring...

Dan Apple

Old Mossy Horns
All of our bucks kinda gathered back up together around the middle of Dec.. earliest I've ever seen that happen... Dad kept the corn going at a couple spots so we could keep up with survivors... I'll post pics next weekend, but there was lots of "sparring" in last weeks pics.... I think it's just boys being boys... no particular reason


Old Mossy Horns
We routinely run bachelor groups throughout December in southern VA. More prevalent after the middle of the month, but we’ve still seen them early in the month. I killed a big 9 that was running with 2 other bucks on 12/1/18.


Eight Pointer
At our club in VA, there was a group of 8 bucks laying together in a cutdown on January 1st. We jumped them up when we turned the dogs out. We killed (2) 10 pointers and a 7 pointer out of the group.

Back in NC, I have pictures of (3) bucks sparring the last week of the season.