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Figured since the waterfowl forum is slow....what are some of the rarer/unusual bands you have seen? Me personally I have only killed 4 banded ducks and 1 goose. One of them being a double banded mallard I killed in the year 2000, banded once by the feds then banded a second time by the Jack miner foundation...buddy killed a mallard that was banded in Saskatchewan. Saw a double banded black duck get killed with a $100 reward. a guy I know killed a banded bufflehead for his first duck. Those are some of the more unusual ones I know of, what about yall?


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Shot a banded wood duck this morning on Ft Bragg. Was banded in Vermont in 2015.
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I haven't, but our group has shot banded Cackler (Canadian) geese in ND that were banded way up in the Aleutians.

Most of the bands though from guys I know seem to be Canadian Geese banded at the fair grounds one county over.
The first Brant I ever killed was banded in prairie view Nunavut.....i shot it in 2006 and it was banded in 95. Killed it at Hatteras. Killed a double banded Drake mallard in 2011 that had a $100 reward on it. It was banded in Alberta. Have killed several other bands, all mallards banded in various locations.
Shot a drake red head last year that was banded...but 2 of the numbers had worn it was a little bittersweet. That hunt was serendipitous b/c I wasn't planning on hunting that spot. Went out by myself and was sick. I was suppose to go to Currituck that morning but the water had blown out so bad I got a call that we couldn't get the boat out. Decided to go to my local spot. I share a blind with a buddy of mine and his kid and his friend showed up (teenagers). I told them to go ahead and hunt it and I would move down. Honestly thought about packing it in b/c I was really starting to feel bad. Moved down 500 yards. Threw out a few decoys and just sat on a log not even really hiding that good. I think my main thought was WTH am I doing out here ...until that bird came through. That was the only bird I shot that morning and the kids had a good hunt so it was a success all around. Went home and went to bed for the next 3-4 days.
Nothing real spectacular but back in early 2000’s, I went hunting by myself on Christmas evening. Just me and my chessy pup. One lone goose flew in about 5 minutes before lst was over. Pup swam out, brought it back to me. Goose was double banded and had a neck collar. The day it was and my dog made it really special.