Butterfly Backstrap
Marinate in ALLEGRO ORIGINAL 30 min....
Take straps from marinade open up and add a lot of cream cheese...chop jalapeño and add....close backstrap and season with Cavenders ALL PURPOSE GREEK SEASONING, Olive oil, and a good amount of brown sugar, wrap in a ton of bacon. Them throw on grill for about 6-7min a side....will show finished product.

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Ten Pointer
Did this over the weekend, expected more people so got to have it as left overs as well, used jalapeño cream cheese instead and figured out i need to butterfly it a bit more, had cream cheese run off issues

Larry R

Old Mossy Horns
Ditch shame on you for not inviting me. LOL. That's the best way I have ever found to fix the venison tenderloins.