Back yard vegetation killer


Eight Pointer
Good afternoon folks,
I'm looking for some tested knowledge about how to kill off ALL vegetation in my neighbors back yard. Now before your eyebrows get raised too high, I have his permission to do so. I live in Farmville, NC (small town) and the back yard in question is less than a quarter acre. My neighbor has not touched his back yard all summer. Parts of it have weeds and small trees as high as 4 foot tall. His back door is covered in Virginia Creeper. He has expressed to me that if it were up to him, he'd pave the whole back yard since he has no desire to maintain it. It's become a very bad mosquito situation and I'm sure there are a plenty of mice and snakes in there as well. I plan to use my weed eater attachment brush cutter and hedge trimmer to knock down the bulk of the vegetation so that I can get my push mower in there. Once I get all this done, he plans to hire a company to do bi-weekly cuts. What I would like to do first, if y'all think it's a good idea, is spray the entire back yard to kill off everything green. What would you recommend?
42% glyphosate mixed with spectracide. Mix a little stronger than recommended, will be dead the rest of the summer. Used this during the spring and everything is still dead. Have used this mix for 2 years now and can only say IT WORKS!! Kills everything, bushes, trees, grass etc....


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The leaves are to waxy for that stufff. Gly+triclopyr +surfactant with ams in it. The ams in the surfactant will help the plant take in the chems quicker. The triclopyr will be the knock down punch!


His back yard only makes up about half of the quarter acre. We are in city limits with other quarter acre neighbors all the way around so no burning or rabbit hunting. Other neighbor has nice size garden very close by so I really want to be considerate of that. Looks like best option is to cut down and remove the bigger stuff, then spray one of the listed concoctions (not 2-4d). Yes he does have 2 kids, 4 year old and 18 year old but I've only seen them as they are coming or going in vehicles. He plainly told me he is too old (late 40's - early 50's), fat and lazy to do yard work. I can't really rent any tools to do major work due to non-organic objects that may be hidden like lumber and bricks. The reason I'm taking on this burden is due to the hazard it's become to me and my family. When I drive into my backyard, a black cloud of mosquitoes rise up from the overgrowth and start dive bombing my windshield. I've had more mice in the house this year than the first 12 years I was here. I really appreciate all the advice and will hopefully have some after pics to share after I get a day (or 7) to take care of business.


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Once you get that stuff cut down, do yuo have a means to remove it? Doesn't sound like burning is an option and that will make a really big pile sitting in a back corner waiting to rot.

Eric Revo

Old Mossy Horns
I'd hire some Mexicans to clear it. It may cost you a few hundred dollars but I'd bet your neighbor could be convinced that choice rather than a ticket he could help out.


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May want to spray crossbow first, will kill all the brush and broad leafs then mow it down. Can come back over it with glysophate to kill anything left. There may be grass, the crossbow won’t hurt it.