Athlon Argos 6-24-50 BTR

Ashy Larry

Ten Pointer
Not using this one anymore and I want something more hunting practical for a new rifle build. Spent most of its life in my T-shirt drawer. Has flip caps and sunshade extension. Easily removed. Also has unbranded aluminum tactical rings that are actually really easy to take on and off if you had multiple setups. Also has the Vortex bubble level. Totally ready to start shooting long range for $275.

Illuminated mil dot (Christmas tree) reticle. Has dialed true for me. It’s my understanding that Athlon will warranty any scope, not just original owner, if you have issues down the road. No box, will ship. 67BD60A3-C37D-4AAF-AB65-01F3557B5621.jpegA19540D2-44C1-4B2E-8C71-E97198F70FA1.jpegEDEA8787-7B6B-4DED-AA83-B7F180AB2527.jpeg0EB4550A-F80C-4BEF-B07B-2D5C2CE63D30.jpeg67BD60A3-C37D-4AAF-AB65-01F3557B5621.jpeg67BD60A3-C37D-4AAF-AB65-01F3557B5621.jpeg