Ar15 Sight In Irons


Old Mossy Horns
Found an AR15 with just iron sights. Less than a minute later I slipped on a flat dry surface and the gun went into the lake as I fell. Tragic loss.

Anyhow, I’ve never sighted anything in with sights that high from the barrel centerline.

Is there a distance that is recommended or what? Most guns with iron sights are rarely more than 1/2” off of barrel centerline. I don’t know how much it is on the AR platform....but it’s much more.

Seems if I sight it in too close, then it will be hitting high as the distance increases.

What do you older folks know on this? I know some of you have a gut feeling on this. I’m thinking to sight in at 100 and give it a run. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to tell if it’s a shooter or not. I could hold about 1” to 1-1/2” today at 50 meters....but that’s about as good as I have ever been with iron sights. May get better on a longer sight plane.

I’m hoping to be able to hold a baseball group at 100. Let’s face it, I have cheap sights and I believe that is as good as I will be able to shoot at that distance.

I could scope it, but built this one to be lightweight and fast swinging. Inside 50 yards, I’ll take irons all day anyway. If I ever needed that for what I bought it for.....dinner plate groups would suffice.

Let’s face it, inside 50 yards....the 12 gauges are really tough to beat anyway.


Six Pointer
What’s the status of your gun? Said it was a “tragic loss“, then talk as if you’re shooting it again??


Ten Pointer
mine is zero'd about 75 yards. close enough for me. About 2 inches low at muzzle, and on a 75 yards.


Ten Pointer
Zero it for the distance you anticipate the majority of your shooting to occur.
Then shoot other distances and note the hold over/under.
Most of mine are zeroed at 50.


Eight Pointer
I zero mine at 200 yards and it work well. We BZO'd our rifles at 36 yards and it was supposed to be good at 300 in infantry school. Math is fun.

I always liked a 200 yard zero. A little high at 50 but tolerable. I find 300 a little impractical for open sights. Just set it how you want and practice at different distances so you know YOUR rifle.