Anyone with Hornady reloading book?


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You can try calling Hornady Tech Support. They may help you. Latest I have, is 7th Edition. Doesn't include the ELD


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I had a question for 7mm 162 GR. ELD-X Thursday.
I could not find load data.
I called Hornady 800 number on there web page.
Talked to a very knowledgeable person.
Gave me all the information I needed.
Give them a call great folks to deal with.

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Inshore duck

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Called Hornady. They were clueless. Said H1000 powder wasn’t tested as they didn’t have any at their testing lab. So apparently they just use what is available not what would be the best available powders for that projectile. I like Hornady but a different class of individuals answering the phone vs staff at Berger. Had to call Hodgdon. They were able to give me the data.
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richard corn

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The cake should have been made to the powder manufacturer to begin with. Now if you wanted to know what bullet went well with H100 then The bullet manufacturer gets the nod. Not being critical just trying to save steps, frustration, and anxiety. Be safe in the loading room

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Berger, Barnes, Sierra and Nosler somehow have always found a way to give me this information over the phone. Maybe I’ve been doing things wrong over the last 10 years. Guess you learn something new everyday.


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no sense getting mad at Hornady,,,,bullet manufacturers and powder manufacturers test as they need,,,,not all powders get tested in all bullets,,,

that is why I keep bullet manufacturers load data AND powder manufacturers,,,plus the recent Lyman handloading book,,,,and a subscription too Handloader,,,,,,

it's all about data and sometimes you have to hunt for what is needed

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Not angry at Hornady. The 225 eld is a great round and flies better/cheaper than the 230 Berger. I’ll continue to buy from them. Just seemed like an odd response from them. Either way ended up with final product, just had to do extra leg work. Looks like a good 1 mile round, BC .77 @ approximately 2800 fps.


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..also, I'd ask Hodgdon since its their powder you want to use. I only use H110 and my Hornady book is over 20 yrs old.