Anyone harvesting scents?


Six Pointer
I always pull the tarsal glands off and throw them in the freezer vacuumed sealed for the next year or year of but thinking about getting bold and harvesting the bladder from a doe or buck?

Anyone do this?


Eight Pointer
I do it with both bucks and doe. Just use a pair of hemostats to pinch of the bladder, and remove it and store the pee in a small glass jar.

red neck richie

Ten Pointer
You dont need to harvest the bladder. Get a hypodermic needle and drain the urine from the bladder put it into a bottle. That's as fresh as it gets. A meat injector will do in a pinch.

red neck richie

Ten Pointer
I always used the tarsal glands for a lure and they work so wanted to use urine to use in my dippers for my mock scrapes. With the potential ehd rules coming into play next year it’s not a bad idea.
I agree! Good to share info. I was addressing ancient school, who seems to just want to question everyone's methods.