Anybody planting yet???


Old Mossy Horns
What do you have planted there?

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Oats, winter rye gulf annual rye grass crimson clover.. wheat... ladino clover durana clover
The deer will mow it down to about an inch by mid January


Old Mossy Horns
All of your spots look good....hope ya get a big one.

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2nd Calling

Four Pointer
Did a final seeding of rye on the areas that are a little lite on Wednesday...looks like this rain will help fill things in, feeling blessed with the timing.
On a side note, also recieved 3 persimmon trees earlier than I thought, so those went in too. They're gonna get a good start spreading roots before the spring.


Eight Pointer
Winter Peas (in background) and brassicas coming up. Planted about a month ago.

Have another field planted the same way that is just west of this field (separated by some pines).DBE7D682-C040-4FC6-8B5B-CBA431BFF35D.jpeg

Need cooler temps for peas to get going good.