Anybody deal with benelli directly


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I'm trying to get my hands on both factory shims and the drop and cast shims for a super nova. Is this something i can get directly from benelli even tho I dont see them on their website. Or am I screwed?

Im looking for both the stock shim and locking plate as well as the drop and cast shims and locking plate.
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I have dealt with them directly. That’s half the reason I’ll never own another benelli, the gun being a piece of junk was the other half...................


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This help?


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I have dealt with Benelli CS and have had a great experience. They fixed an issue on a shotgun I bought used and even cleaned the gun completely before sending it back to me.


Old Mossy Horns
What are you shooting now?
About any and everything other than a gun that says benelli. I have a feeling you may be fishing for me to say beretta, franchi or stoeger. I love beretta’s. Yes I know the parent company is the same. I’ve also been around and shot enough shotguns to know that they are not remotely close in performance and quality. I don’t know didly squat about rifles. I know shotguns.
Here’s my beef. When I send a gun for a problem back to get fixed for the same exact issue 3 damn times in less than a year and then you tell me it’s fixed but you “can’t disclose that information” behind what caused the problem, then I have a real issue with that.