Antlers wanted


Twelve Pointer
Preface this post by saying to the best of my knowledge and research there are no legal issues associated in dealing with sheds or legally obtained antlers. Please correct me if I am wrong!

With that said I am looking for any antlers you may have laying around. Size doesn’t matter as long as they have a curve to them.

I’ve had a ton of interest in the boards I made so that’s what they will he used for. Possibly willing to buy, barter, or trade.
I don’t think you can buy, barter, or trade for them or otherwise establish any value. Someone can give them to you though or you can give them to others.
I agree. I was curious about this several years back. I called and was told that I could not sell shed antlers. I made several things out of them for my personal collection since. Personally... I don’t see an issue with utilizing sheds in whatever manner the shed finder wants. Maybe it’s time for another phone call to see if anything has changed.


Twelve Pointer
Wish you were a little closer. I get them weekly in 5# bags for dog chews, could have worked out a deal.

I called Raleigh this morning and spoke with a Lt. officer pertaining to this issue. He stated that “you cannot purchase/sell/barter any wildlife parts “antlers” that are readily identifiable as an native whitetail”. He also stated you could purchase antlers out of state to make crafts and such but you need to hang onto the receipt.

Just wanted to follow up with the forum on this info...... I’d like a board! 😀


Twelve Pointer
That still leave a grey area of them being used in the final product. I think I can work around actually buying antlers. I will take antlers and add them to a board that was purchased ect...
I recall some nuisance of the law that makes them allowable in the final product so long as they are not just being sold as antlers. For example my boards, serving boards with antler handles.

There is no way to ID antlers as wild or captive unless described as such.


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I just saw this thread. Anyone want have some antlers they want to get rid of? They make great chew toys for my dogs.


Twelve Pointer
ok guys, bumping this up. I just bought a whole crate of random offcuts and scraps to make more boards. I will need antlers in the near future if you have any to spare or would like to would out some kind of deal for them. Also I would be happy to take a set of antlers and make a board for them! Anything you have would be great.
Thank you to everyone who has already contacted me.