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I am pretty sure I posted this pretty girl last year or the year before. I'm surprised she is still living. Granted I didn't hunt that section at all last year, but I probably wouldn't have shot her anyways. She is always the doe in the center of the picture.



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I know nothing about this sort of thing, but are you calling it a doe, because of the lack of apparent male plumbing?

Does it have doe plumbing? How do you know?

Thanks. Interesting.
She had twin fawns nursing the last time I got her on camera either last year or the year before. This camera is getting some moisture in it, and its getting a little foggy. Can you see the one small antler on her head?
I killed a spike horn in Vermont back in 97. When I walked up to it the first thing that I noticed was it still had velvet on the horns. I Thought to myself, huh never seen that before. I pulled my knife out to field dress it, rolled it over and there were no twig and berries, and WTF! I had pics at one time but I am guessing that that they are long gone by now.
Half and half. No external testicles, but did have external penis. Internal testicles, just inside skin, were very small. Antlers not completely hard at time of kill, but nearly all velvet off. Skinney neck with lots of lose skin. Diameter at bases of each antler between 7 1/2 and 8 inches. Split brow tines were longest of 11 total points. Being teased by a doe, but not actively chasing her when I spoted him.
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I agree...if she raised twin fawns once, good chance she would again. She may had them this year. I didn't hunt that tract the past year and only hunted the fringe areas after I got the pictures of the big 150 8 pointer. So, she if she had male fawns she probably had ran them off already. It's possible some of those other does with her fawns from that year. Anyways, I never shoot a doe that I see have twin fawns. We kept another around with white up her front legs, we call "Stockings". She raised twin fawns for four years and then she disappeared.