Amber Heard was a stripper


Old Mossy Horns
I was educating a young man at work the other day about the hot/crazy matrix.

He was clueless. He just couldn’t get past the hot part(s).

Guess he’s going to have to learn the hard way…..

That metric is outdated. The fugly ones are crazy too.

The hot/crazy metric is more precise if she is a single mom.


Twelve Pointer
I talk to my son about it ALL the time.

We walked by a house this AM with all kinds of concrete figurines in the front yard and I explained, “When your girl talks about wanting concrete figurines, that’s a sign. Your next words need to be “this isn’t going to work out”. No matter what she says, don’t argue or justify your stance, just say, “this isn’t going to work out” and move on. I don’t care how pretty she is or how much you like her, move on. You need to be very very discerning selecting a mate.”

I use a lot of contemporaneous examples like that with him.
Where were you when I needed you,, dad?