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Button Buck
Does anyone here use this powder? I got a really good deal on some and am going to give it a try. I have been shooting Pyrodex and had good luck with it. Tried Blackhorn 209 this year and had to really work to get it to go boom. Don't know if I can trust it to hunt with. Have heard some good things about this powder.

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Some guns just don't work with BH209. You are using the hotter 209 primers not the muzzleloader type right? All that said I'm an Alliant powder fan but I found Blackhorn first and have no reason to change. If you go with Alliant I am curious about it...


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If you are using a 209 ignition gun and cant get blachorn 209 to go off then you are using the 209 made for pyrodex, bad 209 primers or dirty breech plug.

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Eric Revo

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Also a lot of the newer ML's have either a flat breech plug or a very shallow powder well with a long flash hole designed for shooting pellets. The loose powder BH 209 needs a hot spark from a magnum primer, and enough powder exposure to ignite. It's very volatile once lit but it does take more than black powder or most subs to light.
If you'll research the BH 209 breech plug you'll see what I'm talking about. Since switching to the BH 209 breechplug my Optima sounds like a centerfire rifle with no delay in ignition at all.


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If you had trouble getting BH209 to go boom.... the powder isn’t your problem....

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