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All inclusive carribian vacation


Old Mossy Horns
Been out of the US a few times, the only way my butt will be going out again is if one of my family is out and needs to get back and I can't enlist John's extraction skills and it all be handled remotely and for some reason my direct attention on the spot would help.

It isn't that all places are an extreme risk per se but there are crazies everywhere and I can't walk around in these places quite as comfortable as I can here. That coupled with the fact that I admit I have become an old phart and wouldn't be much competition to someone that wanted to snatch some Americans thinking they could get some money out of them or their family. I'll just live my old life out here.


Eight Pointer
been to several on cruises and would never do that again. Have never done all inclusive resorts. I could not stand any of the islands due to someone trying to get into your wallet every second your on the islands.
I have a real issue with someone not understanding the words no thank you. I have no time for that bs.
There are too many places here that I have not seen to worry about traveling out of country anymore. About the only thing I would consider is a dive trip to somewhere cool. And would just as well prefer to just stay on the boat. lol