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Advice About Wade Fishing Oregon Inlet in November

Larry Eckart

Button Buck
I will be on OBX the weekend of November 16, 17. I have not been there before. I recently lived on Hilton Head Island and for inshore salt water I frequently used 1/4 oz jigs and Gulp swimming mullet for bait with good success.

Want to do some wade fishing, not surf fishing. Two questions: where to access and what to use in November?

I understand that the "Basin" near the Coast Guard station is one area guys walk into. Are there other public access areas for wade fishing on the north or south side of Oregon Inlet? Also are there ways to access the bridge piers for sheepshead? Do the local bait shops have fiddler crabs for bait?

Also, what are the usual baits for trout and the other fish migrating through in November?

I appreciate your patience with a newbie to this particular spot.

Many thanks.


Old Mossy Horns
North side is accessible by 4x4 (need a permit) on the beach, and walking around past the closure. There may be another point of access? Really not that familiar with it. There’s parking on the south side of the bridge to access the inlet and you should be able to get around sound side as well. I honestly haven’t paid much attention since the new bridge was built. I’ve never headed sound side from that spot.


Button Buck
Walking out at the CG Base is a good spot, bring a small kayak or canoe and pick up a bushel of oysters while your there. The South Access to the catwalk is technically closed due to the destruction of the old bridge and the mooring of the barges against the catwalk pilings. They put up a fence and signs however people just walk around them. It is late in the year for Sheephead up here anyway...water temp gets below 70 the sheephead move out to warmer water for the most part. Trout bite slows a little as well, however you can still catch some on the baits you mentioned or live bait. Best chance of a limit of fish is off a pier or in the surf. Neighbor smashed them yesterday throwing away trout that were less than 20". He brought home some very nice fish! Big Drum are the thing this time of year in the surf. If you get bored go watch the pier rats at night pull in the Bulls, but don't get in the way they will use you for bait. Good luck and tight lines...


Ten Pointer
You can also wade the shoreline west of the bridge to fish green island slough. Its a hike and watch your step on the edge of the slough, some spots go from waist deep to 10'+ in one step. Trout and puppy drum are usually there in nov. Jigs with soft plastic/ gulp are the bait of choice. Carry 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 oz heads with you to have options at different stages of the tide. Use the lightest head that will get the job done. The more current, the heavier the head.Screenshot_20191106-083140_Earth.jpg

Larry Eckart

Button Buck
Justin, Timberdoodle and Darenative,
I appreciate your generous help. Thank you. Tight lines and straight shooting as waterfowl season is almost upon us.


Four Pointer

Where's the best place to park for accessing Green Island Slough. When I was down last May, the construction equipment was still thick in that area and I didn't see a good spot? Do you have to drive on down 12 and hike across the marsh?