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Old Mossy Horns
Life ain’t fair...💩happens, and the beat goes on. The cream will still rise, it always does.


Old Mossy Horns
Exactly. Which is why the NCAA shouldn't have granted an extra year.

Shoulda met in the middle. Instead of granting it to everyone it should have been a games played minimum. If you played 5 games or less, you could have gotten an extra year.

In the same instance that you're talking about, I would feel for the guy whose career ended on 3 games if they didn't grant another year.

It's obviously not a OSFA situation.

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Old Mossy Horns
it's a cluster- letting players opt out for fear of covid really soiled the waters.
i see both sides and not sure what is best.


Twelve Pointer
ND got 6 drafted. Imagine if they didn’t have to play ACC schedule. Probably would have got 8-9.