A rare blue-phase turkey? Or the neighbors' man on the inside?


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and here I thought it was a migratory Ocellated Turkey on steroids,,,,,,,



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I like how ole @Shockgobbles is ignoring eight longbeards with these distractions of the poor ole peacock.
I wouldnt care if a rhino was running with them. :)
I'm pretty fired up about the longbeards but am concerned I haven't had a hen on camera since last turkey season. I know this group will be dispersed elsewhere in April if the ladies don't show up.


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What do the turkeys think of the new addition to the flock? Do they interact with it or just ignore it?
I have a picture of the peacock bedded down with turkeys feeding all around him :) so I think he's getting along with them well

I'm more confused wondering where he came from, we know all the neighbors around here and none keep peacocks. Could be from a few more miles away, interesting to say the least.