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A First


Ten Pointer
I learned to turkey hunt in southeastern NC. Mostly flat land and pine trees. Hunting areas with a lot of topography and big hardwoods has added new challenges. At my age new challenges are a little harder to overcome than they used to be. I have spent a lot of time watching The Hunting Public and Catman on you tube. They have shortened the learning curve for a flatlander learning about "them hills". This bird is not a giant, 10" beard and 1" spurs, but he is a mature gobbler and he did come from public land. A truly classic hunt. He gobbled at my owl hoot and responded to the call. Not the hottest gobbler I have ever been on but enough to stay on him. He came the last 100 yards or so quiet. Also my first kill with a Browning BPS 20 gauge I had bought my daughter. She quickly moved on to a Benelli M2 so now I have a dedicated turkey gun.



Twelve Pointer
Nothing like hunting Loud mouthed Easterns in the hills and hollers of Nc and Va mountains



Eight Pointer
I moved here from Florida in 2016. Talk about having to learn all over again. I've fallen in love with trying to figure out these hills and hollers. I get schooled regularly but when I can figure one out in the mountains it just feels more special.