75 days out!!


Twelve Pointer
I joined a club in union sc. I have to take a hunters safety course before I can get a license there. I think it’s funny but I understand why they make you have it. I’ll need it for an elk hunt hopefully next fall.

I’ll still make a couple trips to the good ole nc public lands near Raleigh wood but other than that I’ll be in sc on my new club.

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Twelve Pointer
It's getting closer and closer. About 45 days out now!! Woke up this morning at 0530 and took the dog out and the air was crisp and cool. When it goes from 80 degree mornings to 60 degree mornings, I really start to get fired up about sitting in a stand (or hanging from a saddle).


Ten Pointer
Have pulled one camera with nothing that has me excited. I get less and less fired up every year....doves have my attention for now

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Twelve Pointer
Covered 4 miles yesterday above 5000’ scouting some open areas and scouted a marshy spot Friday. Got a couple spots picked out that’ll get me started hunting up here.