75 days out!!


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Guys and gals, we are only 75 days from the opening day of archery season!!! Holy crap where has the time gone? Every year I say I am going to be ready way before the season starts and every year and I scrambling the week before opening day getting everything ready!! This is your wake up call. You got a little over 2 months. You better get to work if you haven't already.

This is going to be a different year for me. 90% of my hunting will be public land. The only private land I will hunt are two small tracts close to the house. I did a fair amount of scouting January-April on public so I have my spots in mind. Will also be hunting almost exclusively from a saddle this year. Been practicing my set-up and shooting out of a saddle in the yard. It's different and takes some getting used to, but I am really starting to dig the whole saddle thing.


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With all the heat.... I wait later and later every year to get ready and start hunting.
Just something that is not fun about setting in a stand cooking in your own juice.


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Sounds like you are ahead of the game. I already have a target buck. Seems ridiculous but he's already huge. And I've been putting in the time at the workplace no doubt I've spent zero time in the woods. I plan on 1 trip to hang south wind stand and add a huge battery to the camera.

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I’ll have one of the last weeks of September at home after season opens and plan on hunting afternoons at some places I need to do a quick scout of here in the mountains at lower elevation (already got a game plan as far as doing some observation sits on these swampy/marshy areas big need to at least walk the perimeter looking for trails and hopefully some beds)and then get to the Raleigh area for a few days that weekend, that’s about all the archery for me this year unless I hunt the late western season or end up going to Arizona in late Dec/early Jan like I plan on.

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I had forgotten how much fun early archery is. big ones in beans got me out last season.
didn't work for me but it is really a good time to kill one.
If you have any doubt take a look at some familyman and Mrs familyman kills from past seasons. :)


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With all the heat.... I wait later and later every year to get ready and start hunting.
Just something that is not fun about setting in a stand cooking in your own juice.
If I am off work opening day, I will be sitting at about 5000'. Should be a little cooler up that high.


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All you non-Sept hunters are missing out! 1st week of season is usually 2nd best time of the year (2nd only to the Rut).

I’ve shot 5 in one seasons opening week before
Yea...I ain't missing nothing. Unless I see something in some beans that deserves my attention...

I'm to the point that deer bore me. Big deer, or deer with a pack of hounds behind em, not so much.


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Just checked,,,

The full moon in August is the 15th - opening day in SC

Can hardly wait


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These guys just cut through my yard heading towards a funnel my stand is on, I’m thinking Archery this year as well in NE PA.07F8A619-4D22-4410-B711-7B1A43484284.jpeg3994FAA9-E09B-40B6-BA90-5E3E829AD118.jpeg79DB1B29-46D1-4C98-B0D6-0636A9321A9C.jpeg


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My trail cam quit working about a month ago, so I’ve been going back to the old ways of scouting. Finding a lot of good sign, just trying to decide where I want to hunt opening day. Need to shoot a little more but the groups are looking good.


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Been out almost every night letting loose about 60 - 100 from varying distances and angles. Haven't been willing to use a climber in 95 degrees to practice haha.


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You'ld better get them Diced up quick in 90+ temps, meat spoils quick....Ill wait for cooler weather.