60 days and counting!


Ten Pointer
8 weeks until our 2019 Antelope hunt in central Wyoming.... Sitting on a waterhole for up to 14 hours a day seems like it might be abit tedious. But, nothing could be further from the truth.....
Most days there is almost always enough activity to keep you entertained. I take a book, but rarely get to envolved because I'm afraid I'll miss something. On exceptionally dry years, you can see an almost endless parade of wildlife. Personally I have seen Badgers, coyotes, foxes, golden eagles, sage chickens, ducks,mule deer, Bobcats and untold numbers of antelope.
If you've never hunted out West, this is a great way to start.


Twelve Pointer
Never hunted them with a bow but have 2x on DIY rifle... hunting antelope is just plain fun!